ESP32 DEV KIT C 개발보드

ESP32-DevKitC 는 소형 ESP32개발 보드로, ESP32의 모든 IO를 지원합니다. ESP32-DevKitC에는 ESP-WROOM-02모듈이 탑재되어 있으며, USB를 지원하여 개발환경에 바로 연결가능합니다. ESP32-IDF, Arduino와 호환됩니다.

  • Module option : ESP32-WROOM-32D, ESP32-WROOM-32U, ESP32-WROVER-B, ESP32-WROVER-IB

  • USB-to-UART Bridge

  • A single chip USB-to-UART bridge provides up to 3 Mbps transfers rates.

  • Boot Button

  • Download button: holding down the Boot button and pressing the EN button initiates the firmware download mode. Then user can download firmware through the serial port.

  • EN Button

  • Reset button: pressing this button resets the system.

  • Micro USB Port

  • USB interface. It functions as the power supply for the board and the communication interface between PC and the ESP module.

  • Power On LED

  • Turns on when the power supply is applied to the board. For details see schematic in Related Documents.

  • I/O Connector

  • Most of the pins on the ESP module are broken out to the female pin headers on the board. Users can program ESP32 to enable multiple functions such as PWM, ADC, DAC, I2C, I2S, SPI, etc.

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