ESP32-S2 MCU개발용 개발보드(Kaluga-1 kit)

ESP32-S2 Kaluga-1 개발 보드는 풍부한 I/O를 제공하는 MCU개발에 특화된 개발보드 입니다. 

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Key ComponentDescription
ESP32-S2-WROVER ModuleModule integrating the ESP32-S2 chip that provides Wi-Fi connectivity, data processing power, and flexible data storage.
4.3” LCD FPC Connector(Reserved) Connect to a 4.3” LCD extension board using the FPC cable.
ESP Prog Connector(Reserved) Connection for Espressif’s download device (ESP-Prog) to flash ESP32-S2 system.
JTAG SwitchSwitch to ON to enable connection between ESP32-S2 and FT2232; JTAG debugging will then be possible using USB-UART/JTAG Port. See also JTAG Debugging.
Breakout Header 2Some GPIO pins of the ESP32-S2-WROVER module are broken out to this header, see labels on the board.
USB-to-UART/JTAG BridgeFT2232 adapter board allowing for communication over USB port using UART/JTAG protocols.
Camera HeaderMount a camera extension board here (e.g., ESP-LyraP-CAM).
Extension HeaderMount the extension boards having such connectors here.
Reset ButtonPress this button to restart the system
Boot ButtonHolding down Boot and then pressing Reset initiates Firmware Download mode for downloading firmware through the serial port.
USB-UART/JTAG PortCommunication interface (UART or JTAG) between a PC and the ESP32-S2 module.
USB Power PortPower supply for the board.
Battery PortConnect an external battery to the 2-pin battery connector.
Power On LEDTurns on when the USB or an external power supply is connected to the board.
Power SwitchSwitch to ON to power the system.
RGB JumperTo have access to the RGB LED, place a jumper onto the pins.
RGB LEDProgrammable RGB LED and controlled by GPIO45. Before using it, you need to put RGB Jumper ON.
Power RegulatorRegulator converts 5 V to 3.3 V.
I2C FPC Connector(Reserved) Connect to other I2C extension boards using the FPC cable.
Breakout Header 1Some GPIO pins of the ESP32-S2-WROVER module are broken out to this header, see labels on the board.
Touch FPC ConnectorConnect the ESP-LyraP-TouchA extension board using the FPC cable.
Touch SwitchIn OFF position, GPIO1 to GPIO14 are used for connection to touch sensors; switch to ON if you want to use them for other purposes.
3.2” LCD FPC connectorConnect a 3.2” LCD extension board (e.g., ESP-LyraP-LCD32) using the FPC cable.