ESP32 Meshkit Sense – 멀티센서 개발보드

ESP32 Meshkit Sense 는 멀티 센서 개발 보드로, 다양한 센서가 내장된 개발 보드입니다.
온/습도 센서, Ambient Light Sensor, Ambient Brightness Sensor 가 내장되어 있으며, Display를 위한 Interface를 지원합니다.


ESP32-MeshKit-Sense is a development board with an ESP32 module at its core. It features peripherals, such as a temperature and humidity sensor, an ambient light sensor, etc. The board can be interfaced with screens. The board is mainly used to detect the current consumption of ESP32 modules in a normal operation state or in sleep mode, when connected to different peripherals.