ESP-MDF, or Espressif Mesh Development Framework, is a development framework for ESP-MESH, a networking protocol built on top of the Wi-Fi protocol. ESP-MDF is based on the ESP32 chip. ESP-MDF is based on the ESP-MESH protocol stack to facilitate your development of ESP-MESH. ESP-MDF provides the following features:

  • Fast network configuration: In addition to manual configuration with the network configuration apps, such as ESP-MESH App or similar third-party apps, ESP-MDF offers a chained way of network configuration, during which devices autonomously and quickly establish a network, and form a greater coverage area.
  • Stable upgrade: The upgrading process has become more efficient with such features as automatic retransmission of failed fragments, data compression, reverting to an earlier version, firmware check, etc.
  • Efficient debugging: Various debugging approaches are supported, such as wireless transmission of logs and wireless debugging, debugging through a command terminal, etc.
  • LAN control: Network can be controlled by an app, sensor, etc.
  • Various application demos: It offers comprehensive solutions based on ESP-MESH in the areas of lighting, indoor positioning, etc.
  • Framework : ESP-MDF consists of Utils, Components and Examples (see the below figure). Utils is the encapsulation and third-party library of ESP-IDF APIs. Components are the ESP-MDF functional modules that use Utils APIs. Examples are the ESP-MESH solutions based on the Components.